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Indications: A general tonic for all chronically wasting diseases; anemia of young quickly growing people, Recommended for women who have been weakened by frequent childbearing. General debility and exhaustion with lack of vitality.


Vitality has both physical and psychological factors. The physical factors are taken care by nutrition, proper adjustments of diet but weakness of nerves and biological response of different tissues are controlled by higher centers, Brain needs apart from amino acids and nutrients, salts which are offered in this product. Extensive studies have been done on structure and functioning of nerves tissues, role of chemicals, effect of sodium, potassium on bio-electricity and consequential kinetics of reactions, excitability and conductivity vis-a-vis the electrolytes, organs and sensations. These are known to depend on depolarisation and they are complexly connected to brain and spine. The network of nerves and their intimate connection to brain are responsible for efficient control of the bodily functions. Bioplasgen/Biocombination 24 has ingredients favourably affecting the tone of different organs and vitality. 

Muscular weakness and cramps are also dependent on the mineral content of the tissues consisting them.  

Composition: Calcarea phosphorica 3x, Ferrum phosphoricum 3x, Kalium phosphoricum 3x, Magnesium phosphoricum 3x, Natrum phosphoricum 3x in equal proportion.  

Proven indication of the ingredients within the claimed sphere of action: 

Calcarea phosphorica: Itis linked to calcium metabolism and is useful in chronic wasting diseases. It has special affinity where bone form sutures. Characteristic sensation of nerve weakness like numbness and crawling are covered by this drug.  

Ferrum phosphoricum: Itis linked to haemoglobin and oxygen supply for tissues. It covers anemia and nervous weakness. It covers general debility.  

Kalium phosphoricum: It is linked to potassium and phosphate metabolism very essential for brain, nervous system, and is useful in neurasthenia, mental and physical depression, tiredness, and exhaustion.  

Magnesium phosphoricum: Itis linked to the role of Magnesium in nerve reflexes, tissues and is useful for cramping of muscles with radiating pains, neuralgic pains relieved by warmth, inability to think clearly and pain due to mental labour.  

Natrum phosphoricum: Itis linked to sodium and phosphate metabolism and is useful in controlling acidity, supply of adequate Na+. A situation like metabolic acidosis in physiological term reduces cardiac function, constricts peripheral veins, inhibit hepatic metabolism of lactate and may also impair consciousness. These factors are well taken care by this ingredient of Bioplasgen/Biocombination 24.  

Contra-indication: Nil. It is safe, non-toxic, non-addictive drug with no side effect. Dosage: Adults 4 tablets, children 2 tablets, at a time, four times a day at intervals of three hours.Presentation: Tablets in bottles of 20g